Thursday, February 23, 2012

Isabella and Katrina Kaif Family Photo

Not exclusive but new Katrina Kaif Family Photo. If you haven't met Katrina's Family don't we let you know about Katrina Kaif. Katrina's Father is a Kashmiri and her mother is a British. She has 6 sisters and just 1 brother. Her sister isabells is also planning to come in bollywood.
Katrina was not a blessed child. Her parents got separated and that was the missing part of Katrina's life. In an interview she said that "I feel sad when I meet father of their friends". Thats really a sad part of her life but i salute her that she made her own way in this tough industry.
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Katrina and her Sisters : Katrina loves her sisters a lot and she takes care of her responsibility very well. Her one sister Isabel is ready to try her luck in bollywood. If Isabel will enter in bollywood, there will be something interesting to see. I am talking about the competition among sisters. One thing is sure that Isabella will get the edge for her first movie because of her sister Katrina.
Although it's not confirm that whether Isabells have got any movie or she is just preparing herself to become an actress. Whatever it is, but sources said that Isabella has the right face bollywood needs.
Katrina Kaif is not her real name. Katrina admitted that she faked her name just to enter into bollywood. God knows why she faked her name but her real name is Katrina Turquotte. She said she haven't misused anything because of her name. Well said Katrina, then why did you change your name :p

Now a days Katrina is worried for her sister Isabella because of that mms leak. Her family says that she was not Isabella but sources have said that that mms was authentic. God knows who is faking what. After all anything is possible with a computer and a human. Both can lie.
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