Thursday, February 23, 2012

Katrina Kaif in EK Tha Tiger - Photos

Whatever happened in past in their personal life, Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan are coming together in an action-romantic movie Ek Tha Tiger. After the success of body guard this is again an action movie by salman but this time her co actress is her ex-girlfriend. This is will be interesting to see their on screen chemistry.
After being together for many years their relationship broke because of Salman's aggressive nature, said Katrina. After so many arguments and fights they finally got separated.
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Ek tha Tiger - Action or Romance : Ek Tha Tiger is an action-romantic movie. This will be interesting to see how sexy and beautiful Katrina and dashing Salman's relationship will get the shape during the movie shoot. There are some rumors that Katrina is liking Salman's company and they often go out for dinner. If this time Salman will control his temper and Katrina will think to reconsider the relationship then things might workout. After all both are single and they have mingled earlier, why not again. This time no fight, just love.

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Salman Hugged Katrina - I think they are back : During Ek tha Tiger movie shoot Salman hugged Katrina many times. It looks like Salman wants her back badly. Even Katrina has no problem when Salman hugs her. After all they understand each other. No a days there are many rumors that Salman and Katrina are dating once again. This happens many times between co-stars to boost up the chemistry between but if its about Salman and Katrina things looks different. Naughty Salman leaving no change to love Katrina.

Salman is leaving no chance to impress her. After all the situation is now or never. Look how he is going after Katrina .oops the dancing and happy Katrina. Hope these Ek Tha Tiger exclusive Photos have gave you good insight about what is happening between Salman and Katrina.

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