Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sexiest Pics Ever - Boom, Agneepath, ZNMD

Katrina Kaif sexiest pics ever. This is a difficult question where we can't judge which one is the sexiest pic ever of Katrina Kaif. When we say the word sexiest pic ever the first pic comes in our minds is from movie BOOM. That was the movie which came into light because of Katrina Kaif but years after the release.
Have a look at these hot and sexy photos of katrina kaif. You can download these pics and set them as wallpapers.
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First Choice - from movie BOOM : Boom was the first movie of Katrina. This was the movie who gave recognition to this sexy actress in bollywood. Although today Katrina regrets that she have done that movie but her fans always like to see her sizzling performance in that movie. Boom was a flop but Katrina got the recognition and entered in dream land. Before doing this movie Katrina had no experience as actress but she took very less time to adjust herself for such bold role. Her London background helped her for such exposing role a lot. This pic can be awarded the sexiest pic of Katrina Kaif.

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Second Choice - First Kiss : Hrithik Roshan again got the opportunity to kiss dream girl of indian youth. Zindgi Na Milegi Dobara will be remembered for the first kiss of Katrina Kaif. This is one of the sexiest kissing pic of Katrina Kaif. Her role in the movie was of a swimming instructor and she have performed the act so well.
Chikni Chameli Katina Kaif : Katrina Kaif is really a chikni chameli. This song suits her so well. What an energetic performance. She is not just a good actress but a perfect dancer too. The song was so well choreographed and perfectly executed by Katrina Kaif. Have a look at the still below from the movie Agneepath. A hit movie and a super hit item song.
These are the few choices of which could be the sexiest pic of Katrina Kaif so far. If you like some other, please do share.
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