Friday, June 29, 2012

Aamsutra : Katrina Kaif Sexy Advertisement

Aamsutra : A sensual representation
A normal mango drink but a sensual representation can make any brand hit. Mango slice has nothing new in its taste but the way Katrina drinks it, makes it new. No doubt she has a perfect figure and has the ability to sell almost any brand because of huge fan following. Aamsutra was derived from kamsutra and was a big hit in terms of catching eye balls. When you combine kamsutra (oops aamsutra) type of word with a dream-girl actress, no one can stop it being a hit.
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Katrina and Slice:
Slice is sticking with Katrina Kaif for every new version of advertisement. Simple reason, huge fan following and its increasing with every movie she is doing, controversy with salman khan etc. Have a look at this wallpaper of katrina kaif in yellow. Everyone likes to lick mango, what about katrina being a mango :p

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Ab Ras Barsega : rajasthani touch, very seductive:
The recent shoot for mango slice is a very seductive indian version. This time they haven't chose the yellow or green color (color of mango) but the color in which Katrina looks super sexy. No doubt, they have succeeded in achieving that goal.
Katrina is looking gorgeous, cute and hot in this sexy advertisement shoot. Desi girls are the best. :D

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