Monday, November 21, 2011

Beautiful and Lovely Pics - New Arrivals

Most beautiful, gorgeous, admirable and charming actress in bollywood is Katrina Kaif without any doubt. She is not just beautiful but her photoshoots are so sexy which defines a different Katrina all together.
Beautiful wallpapers of katrina kaif is widely available but here you will find the best of those beautiful wallpapers.

This post is dedicated to Katrina's beauty and cuteness. We will try to explore the beauty of Katrina Kaif and why she was awarded the sexiest women of the world awards. Today Katrina and beauty have became synonym to each other.
In this post we are getting some beautiful and cute pics of Katrina kaif. These pics are designed like a wallpaper so you can download and set them to your desktop. All wallpapers on this blog are Free and can be distributed without editing anything.
Lets start exploring Katrina's Beauty. Our first choice is this beautiful pic from filmfare awards. She is wearing a nice white short top and heavy makeup. She is looking gorgeous and lovely in this wallpaper.
Download Wallpaper (1024 x 768)
Katrina in mango flavor : Who can forgot the famous brand slice. Whenever we go outside we prefer having slice and not a soft drink like coke or pepsi. There are other mango drinks in the market and maaza is the oldest brand in this field. Maaza had a big market but since when Katrina started promoting Slice, maaza's market started disappearing.
It wont be wrong if we say that this beautiful actress can sell anything in todays market.
That is why slice wallpaper of Katrina Kaif is our second choice.
Download wallpaper ( 800 x 600 )
Katrina is a Barbie Doll : Few months back barbie doll company was looking for a fresh face to promote their dolls in India. They were ready to pay any cost because barbie is a big brand and can manage to hire any bollywood actress. They were considering Aishwarys Rai to advertise barbie but after a market survey they dropped Aishwarya and signed Katrina Kaif. That was a big shock for aish, a new actress was decreasing her market.
But when Katrina came out as barbie, she was looking mind blowing in that beautiful pink frock. Thats why this is our final choice of this beautiful and lovely wallpaper collection of katrina kaif. Katrina kaif is truly a lovely and beautiful barbie doll.
Download Wallpaper ( 1024 x 768 )

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