Monday, July 9, 2012

Katrina Kaif a True Barbie Doll : Pics and Wallpapers

Girls love Barbie but boys love a different barbie. In 2012 when barbie company have stared the hunt for a face for barbie doll they chose Aishwarya Rai. But within few days they turned up with a new name and that was of Katrina Kaif. When asked from Katrina that you have stolen the advt from Aishwarya, she said I don't know the other name but company asked me for it and said yes. Hehe. I think katrina doesn't watch TV.
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Everyone was curious about how Katrina will look in a barbie pink dress. But when she came out in this cute yet sexy dress she stunned the world. Now barbie have got a whole new hot, sizzling and sexy look. Aishwarya was good but Katrina is great. I am sure that after this advertisement sales of barbie must have increased by many folds.

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There was time when Katrina was struggling to get advertisements but look at her today she is brand ambassador of many international brands. Success is all hers.
Earlier barbie was cute but now barbie is sexy too. Katrina has changes the whole branding of this doll. Today, she is number one female brand ambassador for international brands in India.
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