Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Katrina Kaif : True Glamour Girl Photos of Bollywood

Glamour defines how much a person is exciting and attractive. Bollywood is full of glamorous and sexy actresses. Katrina Kaif , Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor all are very sexy and full of glamour. In 2012 Katrina Kaif have turned herself into a true glamour girl. There are many factors behind this huge success of the dream-girl of bollywood.
Aamsutra - Super Glamorous Advertisements:
When Katrina Kaif have started doing advertisement for "Mango Slice" it was a normal advertisement but as time changed the advertisement team have found that glamour and excitation is the key to make the product hit. The team have utilised all the qualities of sexy Katrina in a very exciting manner. If you have not seen the new advertisement of slice then you are missing something.
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Have a look at this new aamsutra advertisement. Every millisecond of the advt is very sensuous.
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Glamour is not just being attractive and well dresses:
Katrina Kaif is doing hard to change her show-off doll image into a perfect actress. She is taking her work seriously now a days. The days are past when she was saying that she will not kiss on screen but in this industry this is not a big deal. If you have to be in competition then being glamorous is not just the only thing, you have to shape yourself into a true professional and do whatever script demands. Katrina kaif has understood that very well that her glamorous sexy appeal is actually hurting her career badly and its the time to move on and show to the world what she can do.
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