Monday, August 20, 2012

Katrina Kaif Figure Size - Size Zero Slim Figure

Katrina Kaif figure size is a big mystery on internet. Whether she has turned into a slim size zero girl or still maintaining her body into nice shape. In few recent photoshoots Katrina's hot looks has changed a bit and she was looking like a size zero girl.
No one was aware of size zero until Kareena Kapoor has shaped herself onto a zero figure. After that every bollywood actress is trying to get that figure at the cost of health. Excessive workout, dieting and god knows what more these crazy girls are doing. Its good to have a nice shaped body but size zero is something very bad for health. I guess Katrina Kaif is not on this track.

Katrina Kaif Figure Size and Shape
Of course she is not 36-24-36 but is very close to this magic figure. As long as you are into sexy shape nobody bothers about this magic figure. There are few sources that tells that Katrina's figure size is around 34 -26-36 but nothing is confirmed. God knows who have checked her to get these figure numbers ;)

Toned Body is More Important Than a Perfect Figure
In a recent interview when she was asked about her workouts and beauty secrets. Katrina said, she is not a regular exercise girl but whenever she get some time she does exercise and meditation. She added that in my mind a toned body is more important than having a perfect figure size.
Well said Katrina. We all love you the way you are. In fact you looks sexy and sizzling.

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Size Zero is Out of Fashion
There are some bollywood actresses who were trying to get into size zero skin but as time passed their charm for this is disappearing. They are concentrating more to get a toned body rather than a be a zero. Katrina has busted the myth that size zero is the key of success in bollywood. In fact she has proved that a toned perfect figure is the key to be healthy and successful actress.

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