Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Katrina Kaif and Her Sisters Photos - Hot Girls

This is not the first time we are showing you Katrina Kaif's sisters but the best thing is we have come up with her family pics in the form of beautiful wallpapers. Her well knows sister Isabella is ravishing. We are not sure whether Isabella is coming into bollywood but there are rumours that she has got an offer in bollywood. There is no surprise about that if she is planning to enter into bollywood, after all she is Katrina Kaif's sister. She atleast deserves that hyped audience who will come into theatre just to watch her and not the movie.
Coming back to the topic : Katrina Kaif and her sisters photos. You will love to watch these family pics of Katrina Kaif, unfortunately no pic is in sexy saree ;)
Very Beautiful Family
I must say, all Katrina's sisters are so beautiful specially Isabella. Her mother is gorgeous. Unfortunately her father is not in the picture. Among all these Katrina is looking a bit dull but her sister's are shinning like a star. They all live in London.These pics are not from any photoshoot but these are from Katrina's private album.